2017 Event Calendar
April 1st  Saturday JKA/WF European Championships in Sittard Nederland’s,
hotels can be booked through JKA Ireland, as JKA Nederland’s is already holding rooms at headquarters hotel to help with bookings, of course you may book any hotel in Sittard from the web. The Championships will be held in Fitland Complex the headquarters hotel is also called fitland hotel, Championships Start time will be 9am. Any further enquiries contact Noel or Patricia at jkaireland@hotmail.com 
June 10th & 11th Saturday & Sunday JKA Ireland Kyu & Dan Course & Grading  Cork Training Saturday 2-3 pm kyu grades,         3-4.30 Black & Brown Belt training.                                 
Sunday 12th kyu Grading Beginner Orange red belts 10am start, Yellow & green Belts 11.30 am start, Purple Brown belt training 12.30 start, 2pm Shodan Nidan Grading start
June 24th Saturday JKA Dan & Kyu Grading Dublin, Contact Noel or Robert PrestonRobertalanpreston@gmail.com